Commercial & Office

111 Piccadilly

Client - Bruntwood AV Ltd

Architect - Bridge Architects

RBA Role - Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveyor

Project Description -

The project comprises construction of an 18-storey glass lift shaft at the existing commercial office known as 111 Piccadilly Manchester. Works include foundations (which are to be cast immediately adjacent canal walls), steel framed structure, glazed façade, roof, access and maintenance equipment.

Due to the proximity of the works to the canal, and the fact that the works are to be carried out on a suspended parking deck, works have had to be very carefully scheduled and a sequential programme established. As works are to be carried out at significant height, all works have been tried and tested by constructing a full size “mock up” off site – and this has paid dividends in finalising the methodology and ensuring that works can be logically and safely carried out.

111 Piccadilly-Manchester